Signs Your Septic Tank Is Not Working Properly

Encountering a septic tank issue is never easy. It could be expensive, bad for the nearby water sources, and messy. This is why a septic system repair should be immediately sought whenever symptoms and signs of a damaged septic tank are experienced.  

The septic tank is one of the few house utilities that are sometimes overlooked by house owners, perhaps rooting in the belief that a septic tank can last longer than a decade. However, some house owners fail to grasp that this can only be obtained when proper maintenance is done regularly. Although even if regular maintenance is done, one cannot always avoid the wear and tear of any utilities at home including the house’s septic tank system. Many factors contribute to this such as the weather, the soil, and other external factors.  

But what are the telltale signs of a failing septic tank system? Here are the following: 

Slower drains 

When the drain is slowed down, it is an sign that there is a blockage or stoppage somewhere in the pipes. This can be caused by a natural wear and tear of the system or the chemicals that deteriorate the pipes at a faster pace.  

Blocked pipe 

When you notice that the water has reversed its flow, there could be a clogged distribution line somewhere between your septic tank and house. This can be caused by objects that are flushed in the toilet.  

When there is a problem with your drain field 

One can notice this through the water that would be surrounding the drain field making the areas soggy, and the grass greener and lusher. Also, there would be a pungent smell or odor that would develop within the vicinity. This can be caused by several factors: chemicals, overused systems, leakage, rainwater, etc., that might contribute to the overflowing septic tank. Another probable reason is the natural wear and tear of the septic tank especially when you are using an old septic tank system within several years.  

Bad odor 

A gross sewage odor is an indication of a septic tank system failure. However, this might not always be the case, as this can be caused by several factors such as a dry tap in a floor drain, dried-out wax seal on a toilet, and others. However, it is better to consult a professional for assessment rather than taking lightly the issue.  

Green, spongy grass around the septic tank 

When you notice that the grass around your septic tank is greener and lusher compared to the other grass in your lawn, that means it is feeding and drinking on the waste materials flowing outside your tank due to overflow or leakages. The waste materials act as organic fertilizer for your grass. Call for service for repair as this can also produce odors around your property.  


Proper maintenance might not be enough to secure the longevity of your septic tank, as its wear and tear are always inevitable. The above-mentioned are the most common telltale signs of a failing septic tank system. If you notice these indications, contact your service provider quickly to avoid worsening the problem.  

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